An Art Installation of a Cat with Glasses in Houston Texas

Recently, our art installation company had the pleasure of installing a unique piece of art in a home in Houston, Texas. The art piece was of a cat wearing glasses, and in its reflection, fish could be seen. This was a special installation for us, and we were enthralled by the placement of the piece in the home.

The cat seemed to be gazing out of the window, with its eyes bright and its whiskers twitching, as if it was looking for something. The glasses it wore gave it a scholarly look, and it was certainly an eye-catching piece of art. In the reflection, the fish looked as if they were swimming in a dreamlike state, and the effect was captivating.

We had a wonderful time installing the piece, and were delighted to see how it added to the home’s atmosphere. This unique piece of art was a joy to install, and we hope that it will bring many years of joy to its owners. It was a pleasure to be part of such a creative endeavor, and we look forward to more projects like it in the future.

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